Natural Diabetes Support

Have you ever wondered about reversing Type II Diabetes naturally? A lot of prescription drugs and insulin injections used to treat diabetes have dangerous side effects. Don’t take chances trying to treat diabetes with harmful drugs when there are safe and natural treatments available. At Lexington Disc & Wellness Institute we have safe and natural treatment plans to help you live a happy and healthy life!

What is Diabetes?

It is estimated that in the United States, nearly 25.8 million people Diabetes, with 90 to 95% of those being Type II Diabetics. It is estimated that 7 million of the 25.8 million people have not been diagnosed yet. There is also a condition called Pre-Diabetic, and in the United States it is estimated that nearly 79 million are on the path to Diabetes and labeled Pre-Diabetic. Type II Diabetes is a disease which causes the body to not produce enough insulin. In order to allow glucose in the blood to enter cells the body needs the right amount of insulin. Glucose is a type of sugar which is main source of fuel for our bodies. The build up of glucose in the blood causes hyperglycemia. Very high levels of glucose is very dangerous and can cause problems with a person’s eyes, hearing, kidneys or nerves can become damaged, as well as many other complications.

Natural Type II Diabetes Treatments

Many Diabetes medications have serious risk of side effects and only mask the health problem. When taking these medications the root cause of the disease is not fully being treated. In many cases, it’s not the lack of insulin, but insulin resistance, the ability to utilize insulin in the proper manner, which is causing the issue. Continuing to bombard your body with something it no longer recognizes and can no longer process may be more harmful to your health and will more than likely cause the disease to progress. Did you know that insulin at high levels can cause rapid weight gain, more insulin resistance, increased blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, increase your risk of developing cancer and shorten your life expectancy? But natural help is available. Our unique, natural approach to treating Diabetes is proven to be more effective than most other natural treatments on the market today. While many physicians only test for blood sugar levels and A1C levels, we focus on an in-depth integrative testing approach that helps us to tailor and customize a treatment plan for each patient based on his or her own underlying causative factors.

Imagine a New Life

Imagine how life would be if you no longer had to worry about blood sugar, injections or medications? Imagine if you had the energy to exercise and lose weight? Now stop imagining and take the first step toward turning your dreams into reality by scheduling a free Diabetes assessment by calling 502-208-5511 today!

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Natural Diabetes Support

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